Free Rental Control Sheet for Vacation Rentals


In the rush of doing check-ins and check-outs, guiding guests on the best places in town, organizing the cleaning of each apartment, publicizing the properties to guarantee the daily rates and updating prices on the ad sites, it is possible that control of your vacation rental profits and expenses is a little off.

It goes without saying that this is extremely important in terms of accounting, but there are even greater gains than this, even if you manage only one or two properties.

We are used here at Stays to see that most of our vacation rental partners and acquaintances do not yet have precise control over their expenses and profits. Sometimes, without knowing which property is more profitable, where you are spending more, where you can save to optimize profit, what impact a given promotion has on profit for the year, among other various analyses that can optimize profit and take your business to the next level.


How does a real estate rental control spreadsheet help your business?

It is easy to understand that this is not a priority as long as your business pays off effortlessly. However, being clear about some of these numbers is essential for the vacation rental manager to be able to make more assertive decisions regarding business investments and expenses and to count less on the “luck” of the high season.

  • A good vacation rental administrator can easily answer the questions below:
  • How much does your business bring in return, excluding all expenses?
  • What is the profit for each of your properties and rooms per year? And per month?
  • Where are your biggest expenses today? Which ones would have the most impact on your profit if reduced?
  • Which listing channels bring you the most profit for your business per month? And per year?
  • How does your profit vary over the year?
  • Which months’ income do you need to optimize the most in the next year?
  • Which property is more likely to bring this return in the low season?

To make matters like these clear to you, we have created a rental control sheet for vacation rentals completely free of charge. It is very simple to use, but it is full of useful information for your business strategy.

With this rental spreadsheet you will be able to analyze your financial situation, know where your main earnings and expenses come from with a simple registration of your income and expenses every week, which automatically will have graphs and automated analysis.

The property rental control spreadsheet is free and can be downloaded by clicking the button below:


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