Why You Should Watch Stay Here, the New Netflix Series On Vacation Rentals

Recently, the catalog of the streaming provider of movies and television series Netflix added a series completely aimed at owners and vacation rental administrators. This is the reality show Stay Here, which goes far beyond an “Extreme Makeover” series and offers precious tips to those who want to improve their results with short-term rentals. We watched eight episodes of about 30 minutes each, and below, we will tell you why you should also keep an eye out.

The Stay Here series is presented by interior designer and businesswoman Genevieve Gorder and by the real estate market specialist and vlogger Peter Lorimer. Throughout the episodes, the presenters travel across the United States to educate the vacation rental market using practical examples. The two promote real remakes in houses that were already rented out to tourists, but which had not shown good results until then, and they turn them into money machines.

However, the message goes beyond the renovation of spaces to reach the need for a memorable experience in each one. Both Genevieve and Peter highlight throughout the series how the “Airbnb effect” requires hosts to offer more than a comfortable space for visitors to sleep. Thus, they highlight the need for professionalization of those who work in this segment due to the growth of activity worldwide.

Travel, design, experience and profit are the keywords of Stay Here. Here are the reasons why you should watch the show:

Social media has changed the way people travel around the world, whether for leisure or work. Here on the Stays blog, we have already covered the impact of these platforms, especially How to Use Instagram for Vacation Rentals and Attract Visitors.

In Stay Here, the importance of offering an “instagrammable” space is clear, offering photographic opportunities to visitors in every corner. This is the work of Genevieve starting from the development of incredible interior design projects in the houses visited. First, however, it is necessary for the hosts to publicize the properties with professional photos that value the best the space has to offer and awaken the interest of travelers in wanting to have that experience.

To differentiate themselves from hotels, properties and vacation rental owners must offer more than a good bed and shower. They should provide the best possible experience for visitors. According to the presenters, the stay must be memorable from the beginning.

One of the examples encouraged by the professionals in the first episode of Stay Here is to book a small portion of the daily rate (10%, according to Peter’s guidance) to buy local products and set up a welcome basket for guests with typical foods. Any other way of welcoming them upon arrival is also recommended.

Currently, to find out if a business exists, including vacation rentals, you need to check if it has a website. In Stay Here, presenters argue for the importance of vacation rental owners and administrators creating and maintaining their own website (with professional photos, reviews from previous guests and full descriptions), in addition to advertising on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) like Airbnb and HomeAway.

It is a way to offer travelers direct booking, no fees for them and no discounts for you, in addition to being able to completely manage the listings. Your own address is also the link that you must put in the Instagram bio or in the description of the Facebook page, in the e-mail signature and on the business card that refer to the property.

stay here

Genevieve and Peter criticize hosts who do not have clear goals with the vacation rental. The presenters explain that, in order to be successful, it is necessary to know how to analyze the competition, define the ideal occupancy rate and, mainly, to know what is desired with the activity. When you have this in mind from the beginning, it is simpler to develop a realistic business plan to achieve results.

In this context, the valuable tip passed on in Stay Here is to determine how many nights the owners need to rent to achieve their goals as a rental company. If you only want to cover the cost of the property while it is not in use, projection is simpler. The reality is different, but not impossible, if you aim to pay for your children’s college (like the hosts of the first episode) with the income from the short-term rental.

When it comes to location, each property is unique. In the series Stay Here, it is clear the importance of valuing the place where your house or apartment is installed. Think about what exclusive activity your location offers in relation to competitors and explore it in the listing.

It will be this attraction that travelers looking for authentic experiences will hire. And, believe me, more and more visitors are looking for more local and less touristic activities.

If you are in a region where there are wineries, why not offer a wine tasting night to those who visit you? Charging more for that, of course. This was one of the marketing ideas conveyed by Peter in one of the episodes.

The Stay Here series can inspire you to do more and better in your vacation rental. Have you watched or plan to watch? Share your impressions with us in the comments.

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