Find the plan that works for you

Os planos da stays foram desenhados para todos os diferentes tipos de profissionais que trabalham com aluguel de temporada. Compare os planos e ferramentas e descubra
which plan best fits your business.

Channel Manager

Conecta as suas propriedades com os principais canais de venda. Sincronizar a sua disponibilidade, tarifas e os seus preços em segundos a partir de uma plataforma sem correr o risco de um overbooking
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Other Country-Specific Websites
TripAdvisor (+4 websites)
Expedia (+12 websites)
Casa Temporada
Stays Alliance (+240 websites)
Open API (additional charge) R$ 95R$ 95

Selling and Pricing Tools

Increase your revenue with our selling and pricing tools
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Smart Calendar Integrated with Ad Websites
Weekend rates and derived prices;
Pricing Assistant (price warnings and gaps between vacations)
Grouping Hosts in Same Ad
Airdna Benchmarks
Promotions and dynamic prices
Create and submit hosting proposals;
Vacation and Event Manager (including recurrence, cloning, batch changes)
Create unlimited tariff plans
Multi Currency Prices
Capture and select new properties
Distribute a booking in several accommodations;


Modern, responsive, cross-device templates optimized for high conversion performance
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Premium website
Backup engine
Filter on accommodation search
Online payment
Template in 3 languages ​​(EN, SP, PT)
Integration with Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google+
Mobile optimized website
Live chat
Guest area with login and password
Google Search Rank Optimizer
Integration with Google Analytics
Owner area with login and password
100% custom website

Collections and Financial

Modern, responsive, cross-device templates optimized for high conversion performance
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Modern, responsive, cross-device templates optimized for high conversion performance
Integration with domestic and international providers
Cash payment, installment payment, credit card and bank slip
Automated and manual charges
Parcelamento no boleto (via Payment Link)
Guest Receipt History
Multiple Currency Converter
Owner Accounting
Booking transfer
Automated Commissioning Apportioning

Complete Finance Module

Learn about each plan’s onboarding and support services package
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Knowledge Base Access, FAQs, and Tutorials
Email service
Implementation Team Meetings2457
Chat Service
Service via WhatsApp

Operational Management Tools

Automated management for the operational area. Create, communicate tasks, and track their status
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Reception (Manager IN/OUT)
Dashboard with all operational tasks
Operational Task History
Cleaning Dashboard
Maintenance Dashboard
In/Out Dashboard
Route Optimizer/Task Map

Marketing Tools

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Customer bank with segmentation (for Mailing Lists)
Key Marketing Statistics;
Social Networks Integration;
Evaluation manager;
Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) Tools
Integration with Google Analytics and Tag Manager
Promotional Codes
Booking Wizard - Third Party Portfolio Search Shortcut


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Inbox for Airbnb Messages
Communication with guests via Whatsapp
Automatic submission of booking confirmations, reminders, review requests and proposals
Extranet guest access
Automatic generation of invoices, tokens and contracts
Advanced email templates (post-check-in, pre-checkout, owner and service provider notices)
Extranet access for owners with calendar access and accounting;


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One admin user
Multiple users with pre-defined roles
Activity List by User, Guest, and Owner
Multiple users, unlimited functions and hierarchy


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Occupancy Rates
Revenue by Customer and Sales Channel
Advanced statistics (ratings, in/out times, by accommodation)
Team Production
Accommodation X-ray (Crossed Revenue, Evaluation, and Maintenance)
Integrated bonus system

Inventory / Quality Control

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Creating Inventory of Goods
Quality Control Scheduler
Inspection tool